Can you imagine life without music?  On a basic level, music brings a sense of joy, imagination, and historical continuity into our daily

However, music is also a vibrant and expressive force which unlocks our creativity and transcends cultural barriers. Moreover,
music functions as a structured language.  Those who possess musical proficiency and knowledge of music theory have a greater
chance of success in academic disciplines such as math and science.  As such, we believe that the rebuilding and fortification of
schools’ music education programs is essential to the holistic development of current and future students.
Founded in 2010 by guitarist/songwriter Damon Marks, the Traveling Guitar Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
which provides musical equipment and support for school systems across the United States that are struggling to finance their music
education programs.

Through our efforts, we work to ensure that the equipment we donate is used regularly and properly for the betterment of
students’ educational, artistic, and social development.  In so doing, we hope to catalyze students’ creativity, foster their intellectual
growth, and expose them to the joys that music can bring.

Today’s economic crises and public education cutbacks jeopardize these essential programs. With the help and generosity of
corporate sponsors, music industry personnel, and individuals like you, we can continue our mission.

Please join us and
donate today!